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remingtonIt’s pouring on a hot summer night, and you’re speeding in a car beneath the bright neon lights of downtown NYC. Even though it’s raining like mad, you have the windows rolled away and you’re hanging your head out – singing at the top of your lungs about how great life is. You’re doing this because you’re high on life, drugs or both because of the latter.

This is what it feels like to listen to the music of Remington, an energized dance-pop rock trio out of the Big Apple. Comprised of Ross Mintzer (related to the great jazz big band composer/arranger Bob Mintzer), Mike Thurber, and Greg Evans, they each bring their highly individual sounds into a homogenized mix of driving electricity – a sonic Red Bull that makes you want to get down. The backbone of the buzz is the relentless drumming of Greg Evans, who reaches back to the sounds of Club 54, encased in the wash and sizzle of endless cymbal texture. On bass, Mr. Thurber keeps pace with rock contemporaries, and makes sporadic visits to the realm of Bootsy Collins-esque 70s funk, all without losing the wholesome dance flavor of the group. Soaring on top is Ross Mintzer’s far from perfect, burlesque, but fantastically characteristic vocals complimented by good-times/bad-times, real-life lyrics that portray images that are neither supremely idealistic nor morbidly realistic. Remington has brand new sound, paying dues to history while standing on the edge of hip.

The band is currently unsigned, but growing. They have released one EP: Songs For Our Friends. They are about to launch a spring tour, after which they will begin recording their first full album. Check ’em out.



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