New Remington EP: The Warm Winter


The brains, fingers, and mouths over at the Remington camp have been busy. Not only has their tour schedule been packed with dates, but the band has released a wonderfully refined and lovingly handcrafted EP.

Remington Live

Off of their own record label, Blue Collar Music, The Warm Winter EP was posted for download and purchase this week. Remington is an intelligent, dance driven NYC Dance Rock group out of the genre’s namesake town. Ross Mintzer, Mike Thurber, and Greg Evans make up the trio of extraordinarily talented musicians, all of whom have spent some time at the city’s higher music education institutions (like Manhattan School). The group has already gone quite the distance, citing 2006 as the year they first started their endeavors. Although the undeniable originality of their sound is one of the group’s most attractive qualities, if you were to demand that I relate them to other artists in the field, I’d tell you that their beat spawns out of an Arcade Fire-esque forum. However, the core of the sound goes beyond any groups in my eclectic reckoning. Remington truly is one of a kind. (Random fact for music geeks: Ross Mintzer is the ineffable jazz band leader/composer/arranger Bob Mintzer’s nephew.)

The true beauty of The Warm Winter EP is found it’s tasteful balance between complex musicianship/songwriting and approachable, down to earth style. Their performances stand as a representation of their intent (a novel concept right?). To start, every tune has an earthly groove that encourages even the most stubborn wall flowers to discover the beauty of the dance floor. To foster this allure, Thurber (bass) and Evans (drums) together generate a groove synthesis, in tasteful interplay that drives each tune on the album ever forward. “New York Minute” exemplifies this phenomenon, as the drum groove and bass line dance around each other, as if they are independent but absolutely inseparable. This effect is deliberate as the groove choreography in their playing tells you that you have to dance to their music.

Ross Rippin On SaxOver the top of this seemingly innate foundation floats the ethereal sound of Ross Mintzer’s guitar. It is apparent that each note is carefully selected based on Thurber’s choices, purposefully creating a fresh harmonic cuisine that is light, open and unique. This is indicative of their philosophy of love, fun and the unbearable lightness of being. As a polarity, the sound of Mintzer’s guitar in the track “On the Road”, is haunting. However in context, the sound develops sentimental and inspiring feelings. My girlfriend says “It sounds like a sunset.” – she’s a fan…mission accomplished.

The vocal melodies and harmonies are similar to Mintzer’s playing in their original shape/color and light floating tone. Thoughtful and poetic lyrics accent the effect, serving as a conduit for the entirety of the aforementioned musicianship. They make it possible for a listener of any level to become enraptured with the Remington experience.

It’s difficult to find fault in this carefully, handcrafted artistic short. I’m not sure of what resources the group had available to them, but I find the production of the album to be lacking in a few ways. The most striking weakness is the distance of Greg Evans’ drums. The sound left me desiring more kick for my groove, and more cymbal splash, which seemed to be drowned by the other colors on the album. The songwriting is nearly impeccable, however I found that the melodies got to wandering a bit and might have done better to be a little more consistent. That’s some serious nit picking though.

The group has come along so very nicely since I first picked up a copy of their bootleg EP with the snail on the cover. You can tell these fellows have spent a considerable amount of time making music together. The songs are smarter, the sound is more homogeneous, and the dance groove is still making me move.

“On the Road” stands out as a single that has the potential to go far.

Listen to this album! You can download the album for free (as is consistent with the Remington philosophy) or you can purchase it. Buying the album will help out an independent artist in an age of starvation in the industry. Here’s how:

Remington and Party MaterialsYou know what’s really cool about this band? They’re so much about celebrating life and having a good time that they host “Remington” parties. You pay a nominal flat fee and they bring the beer, the cups, the music, t-shirts and other fun party materials. This isn’t any corny ploy, it’s just a genius way to streamline having a good time. Check out the service at their Myspace.

I love these guys. Show them some love,
– Jbrickman

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